Andrew Nyeko

Programmes Manager

Andrew came to London from Uganda at age 7 and achieved his settled status through the 10-year route in the UK’s immigration system.  

Throughout this time and during his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Management, Andrew combined his studies with playing basketball, which lead him into playing professionally in the North East for 5 years. He then returned to London as a basketball coach and found himself working extensively in community sports development.  

Motivated by his experience of training up a new generation of young basketball players, Andrew decided to push himself further by pursuing a postgraduate Master’s degree in Education. This led him into the charity sector where he felt compelled to help young people with similar life experiences to his own. 

Andrew says:  

“I have a passion for young people and see enormous potential in everyone. So, I love the saying: ‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.’ - A.B Johnson. I feel that not only does it incapsulate We Belong perfectly in that a young organisation was able to achieve so much tangible change through focused passionate campaigning, but it also embodies my core belief in seeing potential in everyone.”