Young People

As an organisation fighting for the rights of young migrants, we believe in supporting those in our care through a holistic approach which looks at their overall wellness. We engage, advocate and mobilise to change the systemic barriers put in place that challenge young migrants’ sense of belonging. We invest in young people’s mental well-being and provide countless opportunities for participation in society at large. We train young people through our bespoke leadership program and create a safe space for emotional growth in a community of people with shared and collective experiences.  

We have a range of activities designed for young people, which builds on our engagement model.  

Our regular 1-2-1 meetings, conducted by our Outreach Officer, help to support young people in their migration journey by providing support in identified areas.  We foster a trusting relationship while keeping young people informed of the work happening at We Belong.   

Our monthly core group meeting is made up of 15-20 members who are involved in helping We Belong grow as an organisation. They volunteer their time to strategise, plan and deliver on projects as required. Our core group members are at the heart of what we do and continue to assist in our advocacy campaigning, and outreach work.  

We’ve created a space for young migrants alike to support one another, learn more about our work and share stories and updates in their migration journey. Our gatherings happen every last Wednesday of each month and are an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and be comfortable with the idea of not being judged or having to explain why they are impacted by the hostile environment… because we all get it and have experienced it too!  

Our Emerging Young Leaders Programme is an opportunity to be trained on becoming a future leader. We look at leadership theories and styles and learn the importance of vulnerability. Those on this course will also have the opportunity to be mentored by professionals who are leaders in their respective fields.  

We recognise the importance of bringing young people together annually to share skills, expand networks and form good practices. Our past youth summit has included fantastic guest speakers such as Nego True (UK poet), Temi Mwale (founder of 4FrontProject) and others.  

Don’t hesitate to contact us at if you are interested in any of the above activities.