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Be part of our Emerging Young Leaders Programme designed for young change-makers aged 16-25!

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Are you a young change-maker? Are you looking to identify your leadership skills and put things into action? If yes, then this is the programme for you.

What is EYL? 

Emerging Young Leaders Programme is a fantastic opportunity for young migrants to develop their leadership skills. This six-week CPD-accredited course will pair you with experienced mentors, based on your interests, motivations, and aspirations. Together, you will work to develop your unique leadership style and meet your goals!  

During the programme, you will take part in guided sessions that are designed to help you enhance your confidence and resilience. These sessions will include introspection and vulnerability sessions, as well as lessons on leadership theories, power, and negotiation. Finally, you will use all that you have learned to develop your most powerful tool - your story of self. 

Why Choose EYL? 

EYL is a training programme developed by young people, for young people. We have lived the challenges of navigating our careers as young migrants and we have put together a programme that provides you with: 

  • Tailored Mentorship: Partner with experienced mentors aligned with your interests, motivations, and aspirations, ensuring a personalised learning experience. 
  • CPD-Certified Qualification: EYL offers a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified course, a qualification widely recognised across the UK and Europe. With this accreditation, you can gain valuable soft skills and enhance your portfolio or CV. 
  • Safe and Welcoming Environment: We Belong is a community where you can freely express your thoughts, be a free thinker, and embrace the deepest parts of who you are. 
  • Build Confidence to pursue your goals: Develop leadership skills that go beyond the professional world, fostering confidence and assertiveness in all aspects of life. 


“As a recent graduate, it's daunting to navigate the professional world alone. It (EYL) was an amazing way to get to know other young migrants and make friends in the group, we were able to share our difficulties and experiences in a safe environment.” Kimberly, EYL Graduate 2022 

“Developing my story-of-self made me feel confident and made me fall in love with my story. Being able to talk about your struggles is a quality of a strong leader and is not something you should be ashamed of. Embrace it and be proud of it.” Ilsa, EYL Graduate 2023 

“EYL has equipped me with the skills to lead myself as a person and to craft the life I envision. The 360 review was an incredible experience, revealing my strengths and areas for improvement. It provided me with a holistic understanding of my capabilities. Through understanding my different leadership styles, I discovered that I have a diplomatic leadership approach and I also possess the ability to be flexible when the situation demands it.” Tobi, EYL Graduate 2022, and Co-Facilitator 2023. 

Programme registrations are now open:
Tuesday, 15th April 2024 for Manchester. Monday, 3rd June for London.

If you're curious about discovering your ambition and want to use your talents to make a difference, the Emerging Young Leaders programme is a great foundation to achieve your goals. In the words of last year’s EYL Graduate, “This is a life-altering course. I guarantee that it will positively transform your lives in ways you cannot yet imagine. Embrace the lessons, seize the opportunities, and step into the greatness that awaits you.” 

Click here to apply for We Belong's Emerging Young Leaders Programme! 

As an organisation we work with young migrants with lived experience, however, this programme is also open to young people interested or involved in social change. As a condition of our funding, this programme is limited to young people between the ages of 16-25.

Snacks and transport will be provided.  

Have any questions? Reach out to us at info@webelong.org.uk.