Advice Line

We provide advice via telephone and email. Please see below for more information 

Advice via phone: 

We are available from Monday 9:30am – Friday 5:30pm except on bank holidays and during Christmas break. 

We can only give student finance advice for individuals living in England and Wales. 

We can only give ongoing student finance advice to individuals who are aged 25 and under. 

For individuals who are over the age of 25, we can only provide a one-off advice to steer in the right direction but will not be able to assist beyond this.    

We can only give advice on the information provided by the individual.  


Advice via email  

We provide an email advice service on access to higher education. Our email advice service is to provide clarifying questions. 

Unfortunately, we cannot help with complex education queries via our email advice service and would request that you contact us via our telephone advice line.  

Please be aware that we are inundated with helping out young people consistently and would require up to three working days for a respond from someone within our team.  

If it’s easier, you may use our referral form, and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 



We will not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our member of staff and we reserve the right to terminate any call should this occur. 


Please call us on: 020 8059 4778 

Please email us: