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Paid Role: Apply to become a We Belong Co-Producer


About Us:

We Belong is the UK’s first migrant youth-led charity. We believe that young people should be central and active participants in the conversation to create positive, impactful social change. We have our main base in London with a chapter opened in Manchester to advance our work.

We are seeking 5 Co-Producers based in London to help advance our community outreach. We are at an exciting point at We Belong, after 4 years of campaigning for shorter routes to settlement for young people who are socially integrated, this year we welcomed the new immigration rules that will benefit over 332,000 children and young people.

With your help we can raise awareness of the new rules and empower young people from migrant backgrounds so that they can regularise their status in the UK. We have a big task ahead of us and would love you to join us on this journey.

Watch this video to find out more about our recent campaign win!


Who can apply to become a Co-Producer?

* Young activists between the ages of 18-25 based in London

* Young people with lived experience of migration

* Young people who are committed to social change and already doing work in their communities


Note: If you are interested in campaigning and social action but have no experience, we welcome you to apply


What does being a Co-Producer involve?

Co-producers will be young activists who will work closely with We Belong’s Community Engagement Officer to do outreach in London Boroughs so that young migrants know their rights and entitlements. In addition to participating in community meetings, outreach sessions, delivering information and training sessions, Co-producers will also be expected to work alongside staff to assist with organising community events.

As a Co-producer you will be a part of a team of changemakers they will inspire young people with lived experiences of social injustice and assist them in developing their knowledge and skills.


What is the time commitment needed and is this a paid role?

Here at We Belong we do not believe in young people working and providing their expertise for free. As a Co-producer you will be expected to commit a maximum of 3.5hrs a week which is 2 days a month time to We Belong’s projects at a £20 an hour rate.

The contract with We Belong will be for 1 year, this can be renewed. We Belong will also provide support to process your invoices as well as accountancy support to pay taxes.


How do I apply?

If you are interested, please respond to this advert with your CV and a (max) 2 minute video telling us a bit about yourself and why you would like to become a We Belong Co-Producer.

In the same email, include your WeTransfer link (named in the following format: NameSurname_CoproducerVideo_ddmmyy) and your CV to by Friday 28th July 2023.

What is a WeTransfer link? Simply go to and click the three blue dots to send the file as a LINK rather than as an email! 


What will you be doing as a Co-Producer?

• Developing and communicating with a network of young people to build the youth movement

• Supporting, training, and developing young people to become leaders

• Planning, organising, and delivering training events and other group activities

• Supporting all relevant communications activity across online and offline media.

• Up-skilling and educating young people about the inner workings of local organisations, school, and community groups

• Empowering them to be able to speak in public about issues that matter to them • Improving legal understandings of new rules and their implications that affect a young person’s life

• Facilitate workshops / info sessions

• Working respectfully and non-judgementally to engage young people in We Belong work

• Encouraging participation when appropriate

• Maintaining appropriate, boundaries relationships with young people

• Developing an understanding of issues young people are facing

• Mapping opportunities for young people engaged in social change

• Working with local councils, community youth groups and grassroots groups to share information

• Attending and participating in internal meetings as required

• Being a positive, cooperative, and constructive team member, upholding the values of We Belong, complying with WeBelong's monitoring and recording requirements

• Representing and promoting the organisation’s work positively

• Promoting Equality and Diversity principles in all aspects of work.


For full information, including the personal specification for this role, click here

19 Jul 2022