We Belong Personal Statement Clinic

We Belong offers one-to-one guidance for writing your personal statement

We Belong offers one-to-one guidance for writing your personal statement, be that for a university application, scholarship application, or even a new job cover letter. 


  • The personal statement clinic includes a 30-minute discussion of your personal statement draft with a member of our team, where we will provide feedback on content, grammar and tone.


  • Using the calendar option, you need to select a date and time that works for you. We will send you an email if no member of staff is available for the selected date. Although the automated email you will receive once selecting a date will inform you that your appointment has been scheduled, it will instead be registered, so you need to await confirmation from a member of staff.


  • Bear in mind that we will need a minimum of 5 business days from the day your appointment is confirmed (by email) before a meeting can take place.


  • Once the date is confirmed by a member of our team, you will need to email us a word document of your personal statement. This must be done immediately or you may risk losing your appointment time due to insufficient time to read your draft before the meeting.


To book your Personal Statement Clinic appointment, CLICK HERE.


For any questions, contact info@webelong.org.uk 

14 Sep 2021