We Belong School and College Visits

We Belong school and college visits:

Our school and college visits are vital to share accurate information about the barriers young migrants face when accessing university and include different ways to reach out to students in need such as careers events, assemblies and individual class workshops. Conducted by our Outreach Officer, at a pivotal time before young people reach university, these visits educate young people about We Belong’s campaigns and what we do to tackle inequality in higher education.

We share student finance information and relevant law changes that young migrants need to be aware of. We signpost different services including our own for young people to access in their time of need. We have designed specialised, interactive workshops for young people to build empathy and understand different immigration statuses and entitlements. Our workshops empower migrant students to seek guidance about the issues they may be facing and work to develop strong relationships with school and college staff by assisting them when needed.

We have ‘We Belong Schools’, a free membership for schools and colleges which includes staff training to encourage effective support and an increase in opportunities for all young people with precarious status. This free membership enables We Belong to support school and college staff in guiding young migrants facing this difficult situation.

Each year we visit more than 10 schools across the UK, delivering key information to both students and teachers. We believe in giving young people the tools and knowledge to confront their immigration status as early as possible during their formative school years

Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@webelong.org.uk or 02080594778 if you are interested in us supporting the young migrants at your school or college.