We Belong: University Staff Training

We Belong offers University staff training sessions as an essential learning resource.

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Our training sessions are led by our staff with lived experience of immigration and education barriers to higher education. Our young people (some at university and those who are prospective university students) help co-design and facilitate our workshops to ensure the information you receive in the training directly reflects the experiences of young migrants today.

As we work with asylum seekers, those who are undocumented and predominantly those who hold Limited Leave to Remain (LLR), a key aim in our training delivery is to help you to understand and differentiate the varying entitlements of these immigration groups. We discuss the context and intersectionality of different scenarios using real-life case studies. The information you'll receive during this training will provide you with best practice examples to assist you in troubleshooting and managing complex cases.

Thanks to our campaigns leading to a major policy change in 2022, part of our training will provide updates on the new rules and relevant legislation university staff must be aware of, along with key Student Finance information. Our bespoke workshops can be tailored to suit the knowledge gaps that you require filling. They are interactive and will aid you with the tools to work across departments to support students with precarious statuses at your institution. You also have the option to combine staff teams across departments to attend the training together.

What we cover in University Staff Training:

  • New Immigration rules for young people (Limited Leave to Remain).
  • Different Immigration statuses & stages of entitlements.
  • Common barriers for young migrants accessing Higher Education.
  • Student Finance
  • Scholarships
  • Monitoring & Evaluation - Identification of students & Managing Enquiries.
  • Q&A

For booking enquiries, or for further information, contact info@webelong.org.uk.

4 May 2023