Who is We Belong?

Introducing We Belong, we're so happy you found us! 

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We are the UK's first charity led by young migrants, for young migrants.


Why does We Belong exist?  


There are 332,000 children and young people growing up in the UK with precarious immigration status. We work with 16–25-year-olds who migrated to the UK as young children, predominantly from Commonwealth countries and call the UK their home. These young people are completely integrated within British society. However, their further integration is prevented due to a complex and costly immigration system. 

Young people normally contact us at the age of 18 when they are about to go to university. This is when they recognise that their immigration status being insecure, they may not be able to access a student loan. Many are charged international fees despite completing all their education in the UK. We Belong works with the young person affected and explores options available to them to enable them to access higher education. 

For hundreds and thousands of young migrants, this realisation is just the beginning of an arduous journey; a 10-year route to settlement, where every two and a half years they will need to re-apply for Limited Leave to Remain and pay a minimum of £2,593 each time to do so. The route requires five applications currently costing a total of £12,771 in fees for each individual before they will have secure status and not be at the threat of deportation from the only home they know. We are campaigning for a shorter, more affordable route to settlement. 

To hear more, check out our campaigns here: 

Chasing Status

Young, Gifted and Blocked 


What do we do? 

1. We foster relationships with parliamentarians and we advocate for young migrants by calling for a shorter, more affordable route to settlement. 

2. We raise awareness of the hostile immigration environment and the issues around equal access to higher education. 

3. We champion leaders by providing a platform for voices to be heard so young migrants can become change agents 

4. We provide advice, support and training on equal access to higher education 


What can you do?

This is just the beginning.

So far we have been able to provide support and advice to hundreds of young migrants in the UK, we have won awards for our youth and parliamentary work, and even sparked legislative change, but there are still thousands in need of our work.

We're already expanding to Manchester, and want to make We Belong nationwide so that all young migrants can access the opportunities they deserve with the right guidance. With your support, we can continue to fight for ambitious young people between the ages of 16-25 who are left in legal limbo due to the complex and costly immigration system. Can you help us spark change? Find out more about donating below: 




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21 Sep 2021