The following blog was written by Tobi, one of our Core Members in Manchester. He attended the Kids of Colour event as part of We Belong. Here are his reflections from the day!


This was a very interesting event, with the theme “JOY” On our way into the building, we met a grime/rap artist called Nemzzz and to be honest, I was starstruck.
I was starstruck because it was a spontaneous encounter. He was creating some content for his online campaign.On arrival to the venue, We were welcomed with free books about police brutality, justice and many other interesting topics.

The event was themed JOY and young people were given the chance to express JOY in different ways.
The space was bright and colourful, filled with people smiling, dancing and having a good time.The event hosted acts like poets, drummers, photographers & designers.
It was very inspiring to see young people so passionate about their dreams.


I learned that it is essential to give young adults the chance to express their feelings & say the things that make them Tic. It is also important to give them a creative outlet where they can manifest their dreams.I was reminded that we are all different and we tic differently, having different styles and tastes but regardless we are the same. Therefore it is of no use to discriminate or disregard anyone. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made.It is very wise to allow young individuals to develop all the skills and interests they have.


I loved the fact that the host and speakers interacted with the audience. They all gave everyone the chance to express their point of view.I loved the fact that there was a spotlight session for everyone. Everyone who participated in the Kids Of Colour event had the chance to Shine.
It is good to give people the chance to feel important because truly, everyone is important. We deserve a chance to be valued and appreciated.
It was an event full of joy.


I think the program could be better if the marketing team reached out to more potential listeners/viewers.
There were a few empty spaces in the audience and it would have been lovely to see the venue sold out. It was a beautiful event and a wonderful experience overall.

Words by

Alapelode Oluwatobi